• Atlantis

    A New Dawn: Part One S2: E1 45 minTV-PG

    With the kingdom on the brink of collapse, Queen Ariadne turns to Jason for help saving Atlantis.

  • Atlantis

    A New Dawn: Part Two S2: E2 46 minTV-PG

    Pasiphae lays siege to Atlantis as the trio fights a desperate battle that leads to new conflicts.

  • Atlantis

    Telemon S2: E3 46 minTV-PG

    Jason fights for glory on the tournament ground. Ariadne is formally crowned queen, but the city continues to struggle.

  • Atlantis

    The Marriage of True Minds S2: E4 46 minTV-PG

    Determined to do what is best for her people, Ariadne makes a dangerous trek to Telemon’s homeland of Aegina.

  • Atlantis

    The Day of the Dead S2: E5 46 minTV-PG

    Jason's allies race to save him...but they're all in trouble when the army of the undead arrives.

  • Atlantis

    The Grey Sisters S2: E6 46 minTV-PG

    Jason resolves to do whatever it takes to save Ariadne -- even if it means fighting against Medea and Pasiphae.

  • Atlantis

    A Fate Worse Than Death S2: E7 45 minTV-PG

    Pasiphae vows to stop Ariadne and Jason’s wedding, no matter the cost.

  • Atlantis

    The Madness of Hercules S2: E8 45 minTV-PG

    Jason is accused of killing the Oracle and sentenced to death. Hercules turns to Medusa for help to try to save Jason.

  • Atlantis

    The Gorgon's Gaze S2: E9 45 minTV-PG

    Pasiphae seizes Atlantis, and Ariadne’s life hangs in the balance.

  • Atlantis

    The Dying of the Light S2: E10 45 minTV-PG

    Jason finds out that the Oracle’s horrific prophecy is true.

  • Atlantis

    Kin S2: E11 45 minTV-PG

    Jason’s father embarks on a dangerous mission into Atlantis to save his son.

  • Atlantis

    The Queen Must Die: Part One S2: E12 46 minTV-PG

    Jason goes to Atlantis to rescue his fellow prisoners.

  • Atlantis

    The Queen Must Die: Part Two S2: E13 47 minTV-PG

    Jason and Ariadne return to Atlantis and nothing else will ever be the same.

A shipwrecked man washes up in Atlantis, and must partner with legends like Hercules to save the city.


Mark Addy (Game of Thrones)
Jack Donnelly (Dancing on the Edge)
Robert Emms (Chernobyl, War Horse)
Aiysha Hart (Colette, About Time)


Julian Murphy (War of the Worlds, Merlin)
Johnny Capps (War of the Worlds, Merlin)
Howard Overman (War of the Worlds, Misfits)