• Backpackers

    Ch 1: Pilot S1: E1 14 minTV-14

    As best friends Ryan and Brandon race across Europe in search of Ryan's missing bride-to-be, they find themselves struggling with the eternal twenty-something question of what to do with their lives.

  • Backpackers

    Ch 2: Trans-Europe Express S1: E2 13 minTV-14

    While on a search for Beth, the guys head to a beach on the Amalfi Coast and spot Isabella Cucinota, the screen siren of Brandon’s childhood dreams.

  • Backpackers

    Ch 3: A Milf-ey Coast S1: E3 12 minTV-14

    Ryan seeks a topless photo that will help him find his fiancée while Brandon romances an actress he idolized.

  • Backpackers

    Ch 4: Balls S1: E4 13 minTV-14

    Ryan lives large when he gets mistaken for international soccer star, but quasi-fame has a price.

  • Backpackers

    Ch 5: Di Qui All'Eternita aka From Here To Eternity S1: E5 14 minTV-14

    Ryan and Brandon's trip gets trippy when they meet an oddball raver who might know where Beth is.

  • Backpackers

    Ch 6: Ich Bin Ein Backpacker S1: E6 10 minTV-14

    Ryan and Brandon get disturbing news that leads them into an epic bender in Berlin.

  • Backpackers

    Ch 7: Prague is for Lovers S1: E7 15 minTV-14

    Ryan gets some sage advice about his future in Prague, while Brandon falls for Maya.

  • Backpackers

    Ch 8: Sexy Boys Forever S1: E8 16 minTV-14

    Ryan and Beth come to a decision regarding their engagement while Brandon gets chased through Paris by Mitchell.

Trying to get over a serious case of cold feet, recently engaged Ryan and Beth embark on separate European vacations with the mantra "what happens in Europe, stays in Europe."


Noah Reid (Titanic)
Dillon Casey (Nikita)