Being Reuben

  • Being Reuben

    A Very Modern Family S1: E1 21 minTV-PG

    At 14, Reuben de Maid is already one of the biggest male make-up vloggers in the world.

  • Being Reuben

    Four Go Camping S1: E2 21 minTV-PG

    Concerned about how much time the kids spend on their phones, Vicky enlists the help of grandad Bampa to take the kids camping – without their phones.

  • Being Reuben

    You Are What You Eat S1: E3 21 minTV-PG

    With Reuben's career taking off, he's been spending more time focused on creating content for his fans and less time on his schoolwork.

  • Being Reuben

    New York, New York S1: E4 21 minTV-PG

    In a make or break career trip, Reuben is invited to New York by a major beauty company to promote the brand's new line.

  • Being Reuben

    Fairytale of New York S1: E5 21 minTV-PG

    In the last leg of his trip to New York, Reuben participates in a series of promotional meetings for the brand.

  • Being Reuben

    Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone S1: E6 21 minTV-PG

    Concerned that Reuben is losing touch with the real world, Vicky sends him off to work with Bampa for the day.

  • Being Reuben

    Pride and Joy S1: E7 21 minTV-PG

    Reuben is invited by UK pop royalty Tulisa to do her makeup for her Manchester Pride show.

  • Being Reuben

    All That Glitters S1: E8 21 minTV-PG

    Reuben does a television interview and embraces the chance to send a positive message to other young boys growing up feeling different.

  • Being Reuben

    Northern Soul S1: E9 22 minTV-PG

    Reuben heads to Blackpool to meet up with fellow makeup artist and reality star Charlotte Dawson.

  • Being Reuben

    Reuben Goes to Hollywood S1: E10 22 minTV-PG

    It's vacation time and the de Maids are headed to Los Angeles.

  • Being Reuben

    California Dreaming S1: E11 22 minTV-PG

    With LA's beauty icons in attendance, a nervous Reuben prepares for his appearance at Beautycon.

  • Being Reuben

    Puppy Love S1: E12 22 minTV-PG

    With the launch of his eyelash line around the corner, Reuben finds himself underwhelmed when the finished product arrives at his home.

In this fun, inspiring and warm-hearted new docuseries, we follow internet sensation Reuben de Maid, aspiring make-up star, as he grows into his glamorous new life, while still grounded in his reality at home in Wales with siblings Coco and Sonny, and his mother Vicky.


Reuben de Maid as Himself
Vicky as Herself
Coco as Herself
Sonny as Himself
Bampa Michael as Himself


Emma Walsh (Ricochet)
Blair Krempel
Mark Wood