• Dead Pixels

    Crates S2: E1 21 minTV-14 D, L, V

    Finally, the "new" Kingdom Scrolls expansion pack is here – yay – and Meg, Nicky and Usman couldn't be more thrilled.

  • Dead Pixels

    The Chair S2: E2 21 minTV-14 D, L, V

    Alison becomes concerned over Meg's physical downturn and tries to sway her to a healthier regime.

  • Dead Pixels

    Mission S2: E3 31 minTV-14 D, L, V

    Meg tries to impress the water heater repair man and Nicky turns up the heat on his new lady friend Daisy in the 'game.'

  • Dead Pixels

    Raid Boss S2: E4 21 minTV-14 D, L, V

    As Meg, Nicky, Usman and Russell wait in a cue to take down the Raid Boss, drama unfolds in their personal lives.

  • Dead Pixels

    Healthy Balance S2: E5 21 minTV-14 D, L, V

    Nicky and Meg are forced to spend an evening in the real world when an eagerly awaited update to the game takes more than five hours to download.

  • Dead Pixels

    Flanks/Yams S2: E6 21 minTV-14 D, L, V

    Nicky prepares to meet his love interest Daisy IRL.

Three obsessive gamers try to balance their lives online with the real world.


Alexa Davies (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again)
Will Merrick (Poldar)
Sargon Yelda (Strike)


Jon Brown (Succession, Veep)