• Ghost Whisperer

    Love Never Dies S2: E1 43 minTV-14

    Melinda battles with Wide Brim Man for Andrea's soul.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Love Still Won't Die S2: E2 45 minTV-14

    Melinda tries to help a shoplifting teen who's not sure why he's committing the crime.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Drowned Lives S2: E3 45 minTV-14

    A friendship is jeopardized when Melinda meets a young girl haunting a newly purchased home.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Ghost Within S2: E4 45 minTV-14

    A ghost who keeps causing an ornament to reappear becomes a big challenge for Melinda.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    A Grave Matter S2: E5 45 minTV-14

    A spirit who's been buried incorrectly triggers painful memories for Melinda.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Woman of His Dreams S2: E6 45 minTV-14

    Jim must find a way to help a ghost he can't see while Melinda is out of town.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    A Vicious Cycle S2: E7 45 minTV-14

    Jim tricks Melinda into going camping, but they get distracted by a ghost looking for her daughter.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Night We Met S2: E8 45 minTV-14

    A ghost who sets fires threatens Melinda.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Curse of the Ninth S2: E9 45 minTV-14

    A musician who believes he's been cursed has a bigger problem that Melinda must help him solve.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Giving Up The Ghost S2: E10 42 minTV-14

    Melinda must help a ghost find the truth before he hurts a promising baseball player.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Cat's Claw S2: E11 45 minTV-14

    Melinda tries to rescue a woman driven by guilt, while Professor Payne presses her for answers.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Dead To Rights (a.k.a. Dead Reckoning) S2: E12 43 minTV-14

    Melinda finds out the spirit she’s communicating with is actually in a coma.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Déjà Boo S2: E13 45 minTV-14

    Multiple ghosts begin to affect Melinda's equilibrium as she searches for a way to help them.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Speed Demon S2: E14 43 minTV-14

    Melinda encounters the ghost of a race car driver who is determined to avenge his death.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Mean Ghost S2: E15 44 minTV-14

    A series of accidents thin out the local cheerleading squad and puts their championship at stake.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Cradle Will Rock S2: E16 43 minTV-14

    A victim of a jewelry store robbery comes to Melinda for help, but things are not as they seem.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Walk-In S2: E17 44 minTV-14

    When a body disappears from the morgue, Melinda and Jim go hunting for what they fear is a zombie.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Children of Ghosts S2: E18 45 minTV-14

    Melinda and Jim become foster parents to help a girl who's been abandoned by her mother.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Delia's First Ghost S2: E19 45 minTV-14

    Delia and Ned have a ghost attached to them, while Melinda has a new ghost friend that won’t wear clothes.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Collector S2: E20 45 minTV-14

    Melinda comes across another ghost whisperer who might have costly information about her powers.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Prophet S2: E21 45 minTV-14

    Melinda begins having visions that seem to predict the death of a loved one.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Gathering S2: E22 43 minTV-14

    Melinda tries to put the pieces together and solve the puzzle surrounding the accidents.

This supernatural mystery follows a medium, Melinda Gordon, as she helps earthbound spirits overcome their fears, communicate with loved ones still living, and cross over to the afterlife. You probably aren't supposed to cry at the end of a ghost story, but we dare you not to.


Jennifer Love Hewitt (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Party of Five)
Aisha Tyler (Criminal Minds, Whose Line Is It Anyway?)
Jay Mohr (Jerry Maguire)
Camryn Manheim (The Practice, Stumptown)
Christoph Sanders (Last Man Standing)
Kenneth Mitchell (Nancy Drew, Miracle)


John Gray (Empire)