• Ghost Whisperer

    Pilot S1: E1 45 minTV-14

    A woman who can talk to ghosts helps them resolve their earthly troubles and cross over to the other side.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Crossing S1: E2 43 minTV-14

    Melinda must reunite a child's spirit with his family before another tragedy occurs.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Ghost, Interrupted S1: E3 44 minTV-14

    Melinda helps a teenager come to terms with being haunted by her aggressive identical twin sister.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Mended Hearts S1: E4 42 minTV-14

    Melinda tries to help a spirit cross over by finding the person who received his donated heart.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Lost Boys S1: E5 45 minTV-14

    Melinda aims to help a trio of kids pass into the light before they’re doomed to remain Earth-bound spirits.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Homecoming S1: E6 44 minTV-14

    Melinda learns a secret about a young ghost that will affect the lives of everyone they left behind.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Hope and Mercy S1: E7 43 minTV-14

    A woman who passed away during a pregnancy can’t cross over until she gets her husband to stop blaming himself.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    On The Wings Of A Dove S1: E8 45 minTV-14

    Melinda suspects a friend from the past has an ulterior motive for reaching out to her.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Voices S1: E9 45 minTV-14

    Melinda works with a woman to reconcile with her son and help him deal with his father.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Ghost Bride S1: E10 44 minTV-14

    A woman who didn't make it through her wedding night begins terrorizing the fiancée of her husband.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Shadow Boxer S1: E11 42 minTV-14

    Melinda tries to reunite a father and son before a crucial decision is made.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Undead Comic S1: E12 45 minTV-14

    Melinda discovers a deceased comic that should have become the next Lenny Bruce.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Friendly Neighborhood Ghost S1: E13 44 minTV-14

    Melinda's attempts to reach the hostile and increasingly dangerous ghost lead to strain between her and Jim.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Last Execution S1: E14 44 minTV-14

    A spirit follows Melinda home from an art gallery while Jim is sued for trying to help a woman after her injury.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Melinda's First Ghost S1: E15 45 minTV-14

    The first ghost Melinda ever saw returns to haunt her.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Dead Man's Ridge S1: E16 43 minTV-14

    Andrea enlists Melinda to help find her friend who went missing during a hike.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Demon Child S1: E17 44 minTV-14

    Melinda encounters the spirit of a malicious young boy who is terrorizing his family.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Miss Fortune S1: E18 45 minTV-14

    The circus arrives in town and brings with it the spirit of a man who thinks his brother murdered him.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Fury S1: E19 43 minTV-14

    A ghost manifests a storm over Grandview in the hopes a judge will re-examine the facts of his case.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The Vanishing S1: E20 45 minTV-14

    Melinda must deal with the possibility of permanently losing her gift after a head injury.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    Free Fall S1: E21 45 minTV-14

    Melinda experiences a sense of intuition when she realizes that a plane is going to crash.

  • Ghost Whisperer

    The One S1: E22 45 minTV-14

    Melinda meets an evil spirit while helping crash victims.

This supernatural mystery follows a medium, Melinda Gordon, as she helps earthbound spirits overcome their fears, communicate with loved ones still living, and cross over to the afterlife. You probably aren't supposed to cry at the end of a ghost story, but we dare you not to.


Jennifer Love Hewitt (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Party of Five)
Aisha Tyler (Criminal Minds, Whose Line Is It Anyway?)
Jay Mohr (Jerry Maguire)
Camryn Manheim (The Practice, Stumptown)
Christoph Sanders (Last Man Standing)
Kenneth Mitchell (Nancy Drew, Miracle)


John Gray (Empire)