• Girlfriends

    If It's Broke, Fix It S4: E2 21 minTV-14

    Toni and Todd argue over finances. Maya fears that Joan is shutting her out, but Joan regrets criticizing Maya's affair.

  • Girlfriends

    Snoop, There It Is S4: E3 21 minTV-14

    Lynn is fed up after nine months of Sivad's celibacy. Joan and William try to convince Toni to moderate her spending.

  • Girlfriends

    Hopelessly Devoted To Two S4: E5 21 minTV-14

    Joan must go to dinner with both Ellis and Brock. William tries to get Maya to do her job, but she still outwits him.

  • Girlfriends

    And Baby Makes Four S4: E7 21 minTV-14

    A baby is born in Joan's house. Toni annoys Todd by searching for an expensive baby shower gift to show up her friends.

  • Girlfriends

    Viva Las Vegas S4: E8 21 minTV-14

    Joan thinks Brock is going to ask her to marry him. William tries to prove that he can handle caring for a child.

  • Girlfriends

    Between Brock and a Hard Place S4: E9 21 minTV-14

    Joan learns that Brock doesn't want to have children. William proposes to Lynn. Maya initially rejects a security guard.

  • Girlfriends

    Don't You Want Me, Baby? S4: E10 21 minTV-14

    Todd fears that Toni still has feelings for Greg. Joan worries she won't be a good mother. Maya fights with Lynn.

  • Girlfriends

    Phophet and Loss S4: E12 21 minTV-14

    Joan encounters a psychic that, while seemingly helpful, only confuses her about the status of her relationship.

  • Girlfriends

    A Comedy of Eros S4: E13 21 minTV-14

    Joan realizes she isn't ready for another relationship. Toni tells Todd that they shouldn't exchange Valentine's gifts.

  • Girlfriends

    Good Catch or a Bad Hop? S4: E15 21 minTV-14

    Maya's baseball player boyfriend showers her with gifts and perks. Lynn works on a documentary about single mothers.

  • Girlfriends

    On The Couch S4: E16 21 minTV-14

    Toni's imposing mother sparks a confrontation with Todd. William worries about his and Donna's differing backgrounds.

  • Girlfriends

    Love, Peace and Hair Grease S4: E17 21 minTV-14

    Lynn finds out that Joan did something years ago that changed the course of Lynn's life. Maya decides to write a book.

  • Girlfriends

    Weiners and Losers S4: E18 21 minTV-14

    Newly unemployed Joan drives her friends crazy. William annoys Toni, Lynn, and Maya by flaunting his new $6000 pen.

  • Girlfriends

    He Loves Her, He Loves Her Not S4: E19 21 minTV-14

    William's new girlfriend makes him face his true feelings for Joan. The girls keep losing their favorite lunch table.

  • Girlfriends

    The Partnerless Partner S4: E20 21 minTV-14

    Joan tells William she thinks of him as her big brother. Toni, Maya, and Lynn enjoy an especially friendly masseuse.

  • Girlfriends

    Just the Three of Us S4: E21 21 minTV-14

    Toni has a breakthrough about love in therapy. Maya completes her manuscript and asks Lynn to read it and give feedback.

Grab a chardonnay and settle in for the turbulent lives, careers, and loves of four beautiful and strong women whose friendship rises above everything. And if you can't get enough of Toni, Maya, Lynn, and Joan, check out the spin-off, "The Game," also on CW Seed.


Tracee Ellis Ross (Black-ish)
Golden Brooks (Hart of Dixie)
Persia White (The Vampire Diaries)
Jill Marie Jones (Sleepy Hollow)


Mara Brock Akil (Black Lightning)