• Hellcats

    A World Full of Strangers S1: E1 42 minTV-14

    Marti, a law student at Lancer, realizes she must join the cheer squad to get a scholarship and stay in school.

  • Hellcats

    I Say a Little Prayer S1: E2 42 minTV-14

    Marti is horrified when she discovers Wanda in the audience at qualifiers and banishes her from the stadium.

  • Hellcats

    Beale St. After Dark S1: E3 43 minTV-14

    Savannah is nervous about her first date with Dan, so Marti and the rest of the Hellcats accompany her.

  • Hellcats

    Nobody Loves Me But My Mother S1: E4 43 minTV-14

    Lewis asks Marti out but she turns him down. Meanwhile, things get complicated between him and Alice.

  • Hellcats

    The Prisoner's Song S1: E5 43 minTV-14

    Savannah talks the team into letting Dan direct their bid video, but things don't go as planned.

  • Hellcats

    Ragged Old Flag S1: E6 43 minTV-14

    The girl’s volleyball team challenges the Hellcats to flag football. Lewis coaches the Hellcats and impresses Red.

  • Hellcats

    The Match Game S1: E7 43 minTV-14

    Desperate to raise funds for Nationals, the Hellcats plan a date auction, but things take an unexpected turn.

  • Hellcats

    Back of a Car S1: E8 43 minTV-14

    For their anniversary party, the Hellcats plan an 80s party, complete with costumes and a musical number.

  • Hellcats

    Finish What We Started S1: E9 43 minTV-14

    Savannah is mad at Marti for keeping a secret about Dan, so she goes home to her family for a couple days.

  • Hellcats

    Pledging My Love S1: E10 43 minTV-14

    A compromising picture of Alice is sent around. Lewis feels bad for her and agrees to help find the culprit.

  • Hellcats

    Think Twice Before You Go S1: E11 42 minTV-14

    Dan issues Marti an ultimatum: either admit she has feelings for him or end the friendship.

  • Hellcats

    Papa, Oh Papa S1: E12 43 minTV-14

    Marti endures a tense ride to sectionals after her hook up with Dan. Alice’s dad surprises her.

  • Hellcats

    Worried Baby Blues S1: E13 42 minTV-14

    The Hellcats shoot a sexy calendar and throw a launch party with the band 3OH!3.

  • Hellcats

    Remember When S1: E14 42 minTV-14

    The Hellcats kidnap Marti for her initiation and flashback on how everyone joined the group.

  • Hellcats

    God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away S1: E15 43 minTV-14

    Savannah and Alice throw a toga party to take their minds off the fact that the Hellcats might lose their funding.

  • Hellcats

    Fancy Dan S1: E16 43 minTV-14

    At Jimmy's (guest star John Reardon) wedding, Marti (Aly Michalka) and Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) are really nervous about seeing Dan (Matt Barr), given their uncomfortable past, but they're in for an awkward surprise when he shows up to the wedding with his new girlfriend (guest star Sonja Bennett).

  • Hellcats

    Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep) S1: E17 42 minTV-14

    Charlotte reveals the identity of her baby's father. Marti confronts her mom for information about her dad.

  • Hellcats

    Woke Up Dead S1: E18 43 minTV-14

    While visiting the store where her dad got his guitar picks, Marti meets Deidre.

  • Hellcats

    Before I Was Caught S1: E19 42 minTV-14

    Marti gets to represent a Lancer student at Honor Court, but it’s more personal than she’d thought.

  • Hellcats

    Warped Sister S1: E20 43 minTV-14

    Marti delves further into her family secrets while Savannah finds herself in trouble at school.

  • Hellcats

    Land of 1,000 Dances S1: E21 43 minTV-14

    Lewis enters a dance contest with Kathy in hopes of winning a new car for his father.

  • Hellcats

    I'm Sick Y'all S1: E22 43 minTV-14

    Strep hits Lancer and the team hits Nationals a few members short. Marti and Deidre discover that they’re related.

Pre-law student Marti Perkins always jeered at the cheerleaders at her college...until she lost her scholarship and needed to join the squad to stay in school. Marti's got the moves, but can she flip past the romantic triangles, backstabbing, and intense competition of the college cheerleading world?


Aly Michalka (iZombie, Phil of the Future)
Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical)
Heather Hemmens (Roswell, New Mexico)
Robbie Jones (One Tree Hill)


Kevin Murphy (Desperate Housewives)
Tom Welling (Smallville)