• I Ship It

    Episode One S1: E1 8 minTV-14

    Ella is devastated after she’s dumped by hunky musician Chris.

  • I Ship It

    Episode Two S1: E2 10 minTV-14

    Tim and Ella need two more members to start a band!

  • I Ship It

    Episode Three S1: E3 10 minTV-14

    While Ella’s work is closed, the band shoots a video in their office.

  • I Ship It

    Episode Four S1: E4 13 minTV-14

    The band drags Ella to a karaoke bar to conquer her stage fright.

  • I Ship It

    Episode Five S1: E5 10 minTV-14

    Things are weird with Tim and Ella, but the band is doing great!

  • I Ship It

    Episode Six S1: E6 9 minTV-14

    Stressed out, Ella pushes the band hard and continues to insist that sleeping with Tim means nothing.

  • I Ship It

    Episode Seven S1: E7 9 minTV-14

    To cheer Ella up, the band takes her on an adventure to remind her that it’s music and friendship that matter.

  • I Ship It

    Episode Eight S1: E8 13 minTV-14

    At the Battle of the Bands, Chris is a jerk, but Ella continues to resist fully giving in to intimacy with Tim.

  • I Ship It

    Episode Nine S1: E9 10 minTV-14

    Ella contemplates if it’s worth leaving her friends, especially Tim, to pursue her dream with Tessa Black.

  • I Ship It

    Episode Ten S1: E10 11 minTV-14

    Tim confronts Ella for not committing to him, and Ella accuses Tim of not being the nice guy he thinks he is.

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Yulin Kuang (Love on Iceland)