• Intruders

    She Was Provisional S1: E1 46 minTV-14 L, V

    A young girl (Millie Bobby Brown) behaves erratically after seeing a stranger as a bigger conspiracy unfolds.

  • Intruders

    And Here... You Must Listen S1: E2 44 minTV-14 L, V

    Madison runs away from home and Jack searches for Amy.

  • Intruders

    Time Has Come Today S1: E3 44 minTV-14 L, V

    Amy sends Jack mixed signals when she shows up unannounced. Madison ends up in a dangerous situation.

  • Intruders

    Ave Verum Corpus S1: E4 44 minTV-14 L, V

    Gary uncovers a strange link between a former client and Amy...until his source is murdered.

  • Intruders

    The Shepherds and the Fox S1: E5 44 minTV-14 L, V

    Madison’s instincts grow stronger as she makes sense of Marcus’ memories. Jack forces Gary to confess.

  • Intruders

    Bound S1: E6 44 minTV-14 L, V

    Amy battles with her past. Madison struggles to escape Shepherd’s wrath.

  • Intruders

    The Crossing Place S1: E7 44 minTV-14 L, V

    Jack makes one last attempt to bring Amy home. Gary tries to expose Qui Reverti, but it demands an unthinkable sacrifice.

  • Intruders

    There Is No End S1: E8 44 minTV-14 L, V

    Marcus and Madison engage in a fatal fight. Secrets surface as Jack discovers the truth, while Richard runs from it.

A secret society seeking immortality begins taking over bodies, including an innocent young girl (Millie Bobbie Brown).


Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things)
James Frain (Gotham, The White Queen)
Tory Kittles (Sons of Anarchy, True Detective)
Mira Sorvino (Romy and Michele's High School Reunion)
John Simm (Life on Mars)
Sonya Salomaa (Watchmen)


Glen Morgan (The X Files)
Julie Gardner (Doctor Who)
Jane Tranter (Succession)
Rose Lam (Hellcats)