• Lost Girl

    Caged Fae S3: E1 45 minTV-14

    Bo ends up in jail...only to uncover the warden's sinister scheme to force Fae women to give birth against their will.

  • Lost Girl

    SubterrFaenean S3: E2 45 minTV-14

    Bo and Kenzi search for Kenzi's missing childhood friend.

  • Lost Girl

    Confaegion S3: E3 45 minTV-14

    Bo, Dyson and Tamsin lose their powers after a parasite infection.

  • Lost Girl

    Fae-de to Black S3: E4 45 minTV-14

    Bo and Lauren's monogamous relationship comes to a head when they aren't able to feed from each other.

  • Lost Girl

    Faes Wide Shut S3: E5 45 minTV-14

    Bo investigates a case in which humans dissolve into goo...leading her to make a shocking revelation about Kenzi.

  • Lost Girl

    The Kenzi Scale S3: E6 45 minTV-14

    Bo's friend stage an intervention.

  • Lost Girl

    There's Bo Place Like Home S3: E7 45 minTV-14

    Bo rushes home to save her town when an UnderFae begins killing locals.

  • Lost Girl

    Fae-ge Against the Machine S3: E8 45 minTV-14

    Bo's much-needed night off goes south when she ends up in Dark Fae territory.

  • Lost Girl

    The Ceremony S3: E9 45 minTV-14

    Bo is put to the ultimate test to determine if she can remain a Fae or if she'll be cast aside.

  • Lost Girl

    Delinquents S3: E10 45 minTV-14

    Bo, Kenzi and Dyson go undercover at a youth camp to investigate a series of mysterious deaths.

  • Lost Girl

    Adventures in Fae-bysitting S3: E11 45 minTV-14

    Lauren faces a difficult and dangerous decision that could mean leaving Bo, and the Fae, behind forever.

  • Lost Girl

    Hail, Hale S3: E12 45 minTV-14

    Tensions reignite between the Light and Dark Fae...and Kenzi and Hale are caught in the crossfire.

  • Lost Girl

    Those Who Wander S3: E13 45 minTV-14

    Bo's mission to rescue the gang brings more secrets about her past to light.

A woman discovers she is a supernatural being who can harness mystical powers from the energy of her lovers.


Anna Silk (Blood & Treasure, Being Erica)
Kris Holden-Ried (The Umbrella Academy, Underworld: Awakening)
Zoie Palmer (XIII: The Series, Nikita)
Rick Howland (Killjoys, Bon Cop Bad Cop)
Ksenia Solo (Black Swan, TURN: Washington’s Spies)
Rachel Skarsten (Batwoman, Birds of Prey)


Jay Firestone (XIII: The Conspiracy, XIII: The Series)
Michelle Lovretta (The Secret Circle)