• Lost Girl

    In Memoriam S4: E1 45 minTV-14

    Bo is wiped from her friends’ memories by a powerful Fae.

  • Lost Girl

    Sleeping Beauty School S4: E2 45 minTV-14

    Dyson asks an elemental Fae for help saving someone he loves.

  • Lost Girl

    Lovers. Apart. S4: E3 43 minTV-14

    Lauren tries to escape the Fae, only to be double-crossed.

  • Lost Girl

    Turn to Stone S4: E4 45 minTV-14

    Bo and Kenzi make a deal with the Druid in an effort to save Lauren.

  • Lost Girl

    Let the Dark Times Roll S4: E5 45 minTV-14

    Bo confronts the Dark Fey leader with some help from a surprise guest.

  • Lost Girl

    Of All the Gin Joints S4: E6 44 minTV-14

    Bo tries to free an opera singer whose voice might be the key to unlocking a mystery.

  • Lost Girl

    La Fae Époque S4: E7 44 minTV-14

    Ever travel into someone’s memory to prove their innocence so they’re not executed, or is that a Bo and Dyson thing?

  • Lost Girl

    Groundhog Fae S4: E8 44 minTV-14

    When the same night keeps repeating, Bo has to figure out a way out of time.

  • Lost Girl

    Destiny's Child S4: E9 45 minTV-14

    Bo leaves behind her crew to go on a dangerous mission to find answers.

  • Lost Girl

    Waves S4: E10 45 minTV-14

    Bo makes a shocking announcement to her crew.

  • Lost Girl

    End of a Line S4: E11 45 minTV-14

    Bo learns the devastating truth about the Leviathan’s warning.

  • Lost Girl

    Origin S4: E12 45 minTV-14

    Bo is reluctant to comply with her role in a prophecy and challenges fate.

  • Lost Girl

    Dark Horse S4: E13 44 minTV-14

    Bo will have to make an unthinkable sacrifice if she wants to stop the destruction on her world.

A woman named Bo suddenly discovers that she can harness the energy of her lovers, leading to a tragic accident that forces her to go on the run from the authorities. As she’s pursued by shadowy forces, Bo soon learns that she’s part of an ancient race called The Fae and that her ancestors are locked in a centuries-old supernatural battle. But as the rival clans race to recruit her for their war, Bo chooses to live by her own rules as a private investigator in the hope of unraveling the mysteries of her past.


Anna Silk (Blood & Treasure, Being Erica)
Kris Holden-Ried (The Umbrella Academy, Underworld: Awakening)
Zoie Palmer (XIII: The Series, Nikita)
Rick Howland (Killjoys, Bon Cop Bad Cop)
Ksenia Solo (Black Swan, TURN: Washington’s Spies)
Rachel Skarsten (Batwoman, Birds of Prey)


Jay Firestone (XIII: The Conspiracy, XIII: The Series)
Michelle Lovretta (The Secret Circle)