• Lost Girl

    Like Hell: Part 1 S5: E1 45 minTV-14

    Bo descends to Valhalla to rescue Kenzi.

  • Lost Girl

    Like Hell: Part 2 S5: E2 45 minTV-14

    Now trapped in Tartarus, Bo must trust a mysterious stranger if she’s going to save Kenzi.

  • Lost Girl

    Big in Japan S5: E3 45 minTV-14

    Bo and Tasmin have to figure out how to work together to defend a famous Japanese warrior.

  • Lost Girl

    When God Opens a Window S5: E4 45 minTV-14

    Bo and Tamsin fight over how to protect a young Fae.

  • Lost Girl

    It's Your Lucky Fae S5: E5 44 minTV-14

    Bo goes undercover on a Fae dating website to catch a kidnapper.

  • Lost Girl

    Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts S5: E6 44 minTV-14

    Bo and Tamsin infiltrate a college football team to investigate a homicide.

  • Lost Girl

    Here Comes the Night S5: E7 43 minTV-14

    Bo and the gang are left to pick up the pieces after a destructive storm throws the city into chaos.

  • Lost Girl

    End of Faes S5: E8 45 minTV-14

    Bo learns that the apocalypse is coming unless she can break away from her father.

  • Lost Girl

    44 Minutes to Save the World S5: E9 45 minTV-14

    Bo and her friends must find a way to stop Nyx before midnight.

  • Lost Girl

    Like Father, Like Daughter S5: E10 45 minTV-14

    With the end of the world still looming, Bo goes on a hunt for ancient artifacts that could help turn the tide.

  • Lost Girl

    Sweet Valkyrie High S5: E11 45 minTV-14

    Tamsin learns the hard way that some missions make you confront your past.

  • Lost Girl

    Judgement Fae S5: E12 45 minTV-14

    Bo searches for an old foe who has taken on a new form.

  • Lost Girl

    Family Portrait S5: E13 45 minTV-14

    When conflicting versions of her past emerge, Bo sets out to find the truth.

  • Lost Girl

    Follow the Yellow Trick Road S5: E14 45 minTV-14

    Bo gets new information that makes her believe that she may have been on the wrong side all along.

  • Lost Girl

    Let Them Burn S5: E15 44 minTV-14

    The search for Pyrippus leads Bo to a realization that shakes her to her very core.

  • Lost Girl

    Rise S5: E16 44 minTV-14

    Bo and her friends face off against the ultimate threat against their world.

A woman discovers she is a supernatural being who can harness mystical powers from the energy of her lovers.


Anna Silk (Blood & Treasure, Being Erica)
Kris Holden-Ried (The Umbrella Academy, Underworld: Awakening)
Zoie Palmer (XIII: The Series, Nikita)
Rick Howland (Killjoys, Bon Cop Bad Cop)
Ksenia Solo (Black Swan, TURN: Washington’s Spies)
Rachel Skarsten (Batwoman, Birds of Prey)


Jay Firestone (XIII: The Conspiracy, XIII: The Series)
Michelle Lovretta (The Secret Circle)