• Nikita

    Game Change S2: E1 43 minTV-14

    The battle over the black box gets even messier when Amanda blackmails Alex into doing her dirty work.

  • Nikita

    Falling Ash S2: E2 43 minTV-14

    Nikita and Michael band together with an unlikely ally to investigate a corrupt agency program.

  • Nikita

    Knightfall S2: E3 43 minTV-14

    A man Nikita captured years ago for Division becomes an agent for the agency.

  • Nikita

    Partners S2: E4 43 minTV-14

    Nikita rushes to rescue her old partner after finding out she escaped prison.

  • Nikita

    Looking Glass S2: E5 43 minTV-14

    Amanda manipulates Alex into helping her on a mission. Again. She's good.

  • Nikita

    343 Walnut Lane S2: E6 43 minTV-14

    Division feeds Alex information about her father's death that complicates things.

  • Nikita

    Clawback S2: E7 43 minTV-14

    Nikita races to bail Ryan out of prison after he discovers Oversight's secrets...but Amanda is on her tail.

  • Nikita

    London Calling S2: E8 50 minTV-14

    An old flame of Michael's is in trouble and while he rushes to save her, Nikita questions what she might be hiding.

  • Nikita

    Fair Trade S2: E9 43 minTV-14

    Nikita's plan to steal funds from Oversight and spy on their financial meeting goes awry when Birkoff is captured.

  • Nikita

    Guardians S2: E10 43 minTV-14

    When Nikita finds out who Owen is really working for, their plans to steal a black box are jeopardized.

  • Nikita

    Pale Fire S2: E11 43 minTV-14

    Alex faces the man who killed her father.

  • Nikita

    Sanctuary S2: E12 43 minTV-14

    Sean attacks Nikita and Michael in order to protect his mother.

  • Nikita

    Clean Sweep S2: E13 42 minTV-14

    While the leaders of Oversight and Division negotiate, Nikita and Alex try to rescue the agencies' hostages.

  • Nikita

    Rogue S2: E14 43 minTV-14

    Percy sets a vicious plan in motion to take back Division.

  • Nikita

    Origins S2: E15 43 minTV-14

    Nikita and Michael try to help Carla remember her past, as she holds the key to taking down Division.

  • Nikita

    Doublecross S2: E16 43 minTV-14

    Percy has Division in chaos, forcing Amanda to turn to Nikita for help.

  • Nikita

    Arising S2: E17 43 minTV-14

    Alex makes a last-ditch effort to find her mom by sending out a coded message.

  • Nikita

    Power S2: E18 43 minTV-14

    Alex surprises everyone at a Division board meeting by revealing she has an old, powerful friend.

  • Nikita

    Wrath S2: E19 43 minTV-14

    When Percy breaks a man out of prison, the man refuses to help Percy until he can get revenge on his capturer: Nikita.

  • Nikita

    Shadow Walker S2: E20 43 minTV-14

    Nikita tests Birkoff's loyalty and asks him to use his own fortune to bankrupt Division.

  • Nikita

    Dead Drop S2: E21 43 minTV-14

    Now that Percy's getting into nuclear might be time to involve the CIA.

  • Nikita

    Crossbow S2: E22 43 minTV-14

    The best way to stop Percy? Beat him at his own game from inside Division.

  • Nikita

    Homecoming S2: E23 43 minTV-14

    Alex and Sean fend off U.S. Marines to buy Nikita and Michael enough time to invade Division.

A rogue assassin comes out of hiding to take down the ruthless organization that trained her.


Maggie Q (The Divergent Series, Live Free or Die Hard)
Shane West (A Walk to Remember, What We Do Is Secret)
Lyndsy Fonseca (How I Met Your Mother, Hot Tub Time Machine)
Aaron Stanford (12 Monkeys, The Hills Have Eyes)
Melinda Clarke (The O.C.)
Dillon Casey (Backpackers)


Craig Silverstein (TURN: Washington's Spies)
David Levinson (Standoff, Alfred Hitchcock Presents)
Danny Cannon (The Tomorrow People, Gotham)
McG (Supernatural, Shadowhunters)