• Primeval

    Episode One S5: E1 47 minTV-14 L, V

    An underground creature causes chaos.

  • Primeval

    Episode Two S5: E2 50 minTV-14 L, V

    The team helps a submarine escape an anomaly.

  • Primeval

    Episode Three S5: E3 46 minTV-14 L, V

    Matt follows a raptor through an anomaly and into Victorian London.

  • Primeval

    Episode Four S5: E4 45 minTV-14 L, V

    Philip and Connor open an anomaly within the ARC.

  • Primeval

    Episode Five S5: E5 46 minTV-14 L, V

    With the number of anomalies increasing, the team struggles to keep up.

  • Primeval

    Episode Six S5: E6 50 minTV-14 L, V

    Philip reveals the truth behind the side project he's been having Connor work on, and the team must make the ultimate life-or-death choice.

When professor and evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter discovers prehistoric creatures alive and well in present-day England, he recruits a team of researchers to stop monstrous disasters. Together, they encounter time-bending twists and turns with creatures of all proportions, fighting to make sure mankind doesn't end up as prey on the food chain.


Andrew Lee Potts (The Mill)
Hannah Spearritt (Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London)
Alexander Siddig (Atlantis, Gotham)
Douglas Henshall (The Secret of Crickley Hall, Shetland)


Tim Haines (Walking with Dinosaurs)