• Ringer

    Pilot S1: E1 42 minTV-14

    A woman takes over the life of her spoiled-rich twin sister to escape the mob. It’s complicated.

  • Ringer

    She's Ruining Everything S1: E2 42 minTV-14

    Bridget expertly juggles playing Siobhan while covering up a brand new crime she just committed.

  • Ringer

    If You Ever Want a French Lesson S1: E3 41 minTV-14

    Bridget gets some good dirt on Andrew and finds a clue that might lead to Siobhan’s killer.

  • Ringer

    It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It S1: E4 43 minTV-14

    Andrew and Bridget go away with Gemma and Henry, also known as the guy who was having an affair with Siobhan.

  • Ringer

    A Whole New Kind of Bitch S1: E5 41 minTV-14

    Gemma asks Bridget to do her a favor that could cost her everything…which seems like a big ask.

  • Ringer

    The Poor Kids Do It Everyday S1: E6 42 minTV-14

    When Bridget can’t get in touch with Gemma, she automatically thinks the worst.

  • Ringer

    Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them? S1: E7 41 minTV-14

    As Agent Machado closes in, Bridget contemplates dropping the whole “I’m her twin” bomb on Andrew.

  • Ringer

    You're Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail S1: E16 43 minTV-14

    Another dark, twisted secret from the past is revealed, but this time it’s Agent Machado’s!

  • Ringer

    Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead? S1: E8 40 minTV-14

    Andrew and Bridget get some upsetting news, and if those two are rocked you know it’s big.

  • Ringer

    Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna S1: E9 42 minTV-14

    Bridget begins to realize what we all know… she’s kind of into Andrew.

  • Ringer

    That's What You Get for Trying to Kill Me S1: E10 43 minTV-14

    Juliet develops an unhealthy crush on her teacher, which makes sense since he’s played by Jason Dohring.

  • Ringer

    It Just Got Normal S1: E11 43 minTV-14

    Bridget hosts a fundraiser for her friend (Riverdale’s Madchen Amick), who knows a dark secret. Henry mourns his wife’s death.

  • Ringer

    What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag? S1: E12 42 minTV-14

    Juliet’s mother comes to town with eyes on blowing up Andrew’s relationship with Bridget.

  • Ringer

    It's Easy to Cry, When This Much Cash Is Involved S1: E13 43 minTV-14

    Bridget finds Siobhan’s cool secret office. Henry gets blackmailed, because of course Henry does.

  • Ringer

    Whores Don't Make That Much S1: E14 43 minTV-14

    An old acquaintance of Bridget’s (Supernatural’s Misha Collins) unleashes new information about her sister.

  • Ringer

    P.S. You're an Idiot S1: E15 43 minTV-14

    Andrew proposes (again) and Bridget realizes she is in way over her head (again).

  • Ringer

    What We Have Is Worth the Pain S1: E17 41 minTV-14

    Bridget searches for Malcolm, but ends up finding something deeply upsetting.

  • Ringer

    That Woman's Never Been a Victim Her Entire Life S1: E18 43 minTV-14

    Someone puts a hit out on Bridget, and Agent Machado goes on the hunt for whomever it was.

  • Ringer

    Let's Kill Bridget S1: E19 42 minTV-14

    Machado, Henry, Bridget, Catherine… they’re all in BIG trouble.

  • Ringer

    If You're Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It S1: E20 43 minTV-14

    Bridget comes clean to Agent Machado.

  • Ringer

    It's Called Improvising, Bitch! S1: E21 41 minTV-14

    Catherine’s brilliant plan to break Bridget and Andrew apart gets downgraded to “disastrous.”

  • Ringer

    I'm The Good Twin S1: E22 43 minTV-14

    As the vow renewal ceremony nears, Bridget debates telling Andrew the truth. For once.

A troubled woman takes on her rich sister's identity, only to discover that high-society New York is just as dangerous as the life she's running from.


Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Zoey Deutch (Set It Up, The Politician)
Ioan Gruffudd (Forever, Fantastic Four)
Kristoffer Polaha (Wonder Woman 1984, Mad Men, Life Unexpected)
Nestor Carbonell (The Morning Show, The Dark Knight)


Eric C. Charmelo (Supernatural)
Nicole Snyder (Supernatural)