• Rush Hour

    Pilot S1: E1 44 minTV-14

    A wisecracking LAPD detective and a by-the-book investigator from Hong Kong form an unlikely partnership.

  • Rush Hour

    Two Days, or the Number of Hours Within That Time Frame S1: E2 43 minTV-14

    To crack a robbery-homicide, Carter must sneak his cousin Gerald out of jail to use this contacts on the street.

  • Rush Hour

    Captain Cole's Playlist S1: E3 43 minTV-14

    Carter and Lee search for a young graffiti artist who witnessed the murder of an LAPD detective.

  • Rush Hour

    L.A. Real Estate Boom S1: E4 42 minTV-14

    Carter and Lee scramble to identify a mad bomber before he strikes again.

  • Rush Hour

    Assault on Precinct 7 S1: E5 42 minTV-14

    Lee's sister puts her life on the line when she tips him to the Quantou gang's trafficking of women into L.A.

  • Rush Hour

    Welcome Back, Carter S1: E6 41 minTV-14

    Lee and Carter go undercover as teachers at a prep school to solve murders linked to the death of a narc.

  • Rush Hour

    Badass Cop S1: E7 42 minTV-14

    After thwarting an armored truck robbery, Carter and Lee discover it may have been a dry run for a bigger heist.

  • Rush Hour

    Wind Beneath My Wingman S1: E8 41 minTV-14

    Carter falls for a beautiful witness he and Lee are protecting before she testifies against her former boss.

  • Rush Hour

    Prisoner of Love S1: E9 40 minTV-14

    Carter and Lee hunt an escaped prisoner searching for his estranged wife and daughter in witness protection.

  • Rush Hour

    Knock, Knock...House Creeping! S1: E10 40 minTV-14

    Cole enlists the help of Carter and Lee when she suspects a serial killer she never was able to catch has returned.

  • Rush Hour

    O Hostage! My Hostage! S1: E11 41 minTV-14

    Carter and Lee discover that a hostage situation at a concert hall is more than a robbery gone wrong.

  • Rush Hour

    The Dark Night S1: E12 41 minTV-14

    Carter and Lee search for someone targeting powerful people with something to hide.

  • Rush Hour

    Familee Ties S1: E13 41 minTV-14

    Carter and Lee must infiltrate a meeting of rival Los Angeles gang lords that was orchestrated by the Quantou gang.

A wisecracking LAPD detective and by-the-book investigator from Hong Kong form an unlikely partnership.


Justin Hires (MacGyver)
Jonathan Patrick Foo (Tekken)
Aimee Garcia (Lucifer)
Page Kennedy (Weeds)
Wendie Malick (Young Sheldon)


Black McCormick (Cougar Town)
Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Ted Lasso)