• Saving The Human Race

    Episode One S1: E1 6 minTV-14

    Matt, one of the last humans alive after a zombie apocalypse, travels the land with his robot protector Joansey in the hope of re-populating the species -- er, getting laid.

  • Saving The Human Race

    Episode Two S1: E2 6 minTV-14

    Matt agrees to help Emma find her sister in the hope that she'll fall in love with him...or at least sleep with him.

  • Saving The Human Race

    Episode Three S1: E3 7 minTV-14

    Matt and Joansey must work together to free Emma after she gets trapped in a factory with zombies.

  • Saving The Human Race

    Episode Four S1: E4 7 minTV-14

    Matt gets jealous when Emma starts to fall for Joansey instead of him.

  • Saving The Human Race

    Episode Five S1: E5 7 minTV-14

    Matt puts Emma in danger to prove that he's worthy of her, while Joansey discovers a dark truth.

  • Saving The Human Race

    Episode Six S1: E6 7 minTV-14

    Emma and Joansey split with Matt and find themselves in even greater danger.

Based on a cult Norwegian zombie apocalypse comedy, this series takes teen angst to a whole new level. When one of the last boys on Earth meets the one of the last women on Earth, it's definitely not lust at first sight. Does he have enough game to keep the human race from going extinct?


Benjamin Papac (The Walking Dead)
Jessica Lu (Awkward)
Hartley Sawyer (The Flash)


Jim Garvey
Stian Hafstad