Schitt's Creek

  • Schitt's Creek

    The Crowening S5: E1 22 minTV-14

    Moira is off in Bosnia filming a movie while David and Patrick continue to be the best couple ever.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Love Letters S5: E2 22 minTV-14

    David and Stevie don't do well under pressure. Moira can't stop reading erotic love letters addressed to Johnny.

  • Schitt's Creek

    The Plant S5: E3 22 minTV-14

    How do you impress a motel blogger? Lie, lie, lie and try not to fall in love with them.

  • Schitt's Creek

    The Dress S5: E4 22 minTV-14

    Have the Roses learned nothing about money since moving to Schitt's Creek?

  • Schitt's Creek

    Housewarming S5: E5 22 minTV-14

    Don't let hungover Ted operate on your animals. Also, don't leave your kids with Johnny and Moira.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Rock On! S5: E6 22 minTV-14

    Jazzagals night out! And who doesn't love it when their boss walks in on them taking a "private" photo?

  • Schitt's Creek

    A Whisper of Desire S5: E7 22 minTV-14

    Open auditions for Schitt's Creek's production of Cabaret!

  • Schitt's Creek

    The Hospies S5: E8 22 minTV-14

    A star is born and she's a little bit Alexis.

  • Schitt's Creek

    The M.V.P. S5: E9 22 minTV-14

    Nothing sarcastically screams baseball more than David Rose. Moira learns how to be a teacher.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Roadkill S5: E10 22 minTV-14

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, except when you're stealing someone's business idea.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Meet the Parents S5: E11 22 minTV-14

    Surprise parties are fun, especially when David invites Patrick's parents, who may or may not know they're dating.

  • Schitt's Creek

    The Roast S5: E12 22 minTV-14

    The Cabaret cast is determined to make this the best musical ever…even if that means lying to Moira.

  • Schitt's Creek

    The Hike S5: E13 22 minTV-14

    Patrick and David FOREVER.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Life is a Cabaret S5: E14 22 minTV-14

    It's the season finale so get ready to start your re-watch after this.

A pampered family goes from mansion to motel when the government seizes all of their assets but one...a dumpy little town they bought as a joke named Schitt's Creek.


Eugene Levy (American Pie)
Catherine O'Hara (Home Alone)
Dan Levy (Modern Family)
Annie Murphy (Blue Mountain State)