Schitt's Creek

  • Schitt's Creek

    Opening Night S3: E1 23 minTV-14

    Who wouldn’t be totally cool with dating the same guy? Not Stevie and David. They’re cool with it. Very cool.

  • Schitt's Creek

    The Throuple S3: E2 22 minTV-14

    Turns out, David and Stevie are not cool about dating the same guy. Alexis and Moira get lunch.

  • Schitt's Creek

    New Car S3: E3 23 minTV-14

    “Did someone die?” isn’t a good joke when someone does die. Moira tries to use her acting gifts to buy a car.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Driving Test S3: E4 23 minTV-14

    Stevie struggles with owning the motel, which is fair. Alexis reminds David that people don’t care.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Rooms by the Hour S3: E5 22 minTV-14

    Johnny and Alexis both find out that sex sells in VERY different but also somewhat pornographic ways.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Murder Mystery S3: E6 22 minTV-14

    Stevie and Johnny don’t get the business deal but they do get the tee time. It’s a golf thing.

  • Schitt's Creek

    General Store S3: E7 22 minTV-14

    Alexis hopes her Kirsten Dunst stories really impress her high school classmates.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Motel Review S3: E8 22 minTV-14

    Three words: Patrick’s first episode. And Moira takes over the motel’s front desk so get ready for that.

  • Schitt's Creek

    The Affair S3: E9 22 minTV-14

    Patrick offers to help David with his business and you’re now in love with him. Moira literally sleeps with Roland.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Sebastien Raine S3: E10 22 minTV-14

    David’s ex, Sebastien Raine, comes to town to photograph Moira. But he also messed with the wrong family.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Stop Saying Lice! S3: E11 22 minTV-14

    If you have a phobia about getting lice, skip Alexis’s parts. David and Stevie have a sleepover.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Friends & Family S3: E12 22 minTV-14

    David’s soft launch isn’t so soft. Not a metaphor. Ted and Alexis kiss. So…that’s a development.

  • Schitt's Creek

    Grad Night S3: E13 22 minTV-14

    Alexis graduates from high school and you will cry so hard but in a good way, like an emotionally refreshing way. D+P forever.

A pampered family goes from mansion to motel when the government seizes all of their assets but one...a dumpy little town they bought as a joke named Schitt's Creek.


Eugene Levy (American Pie)
Catherine O'Hara (Home Alone)
Dan Levy (Modern Family)
Annie Murphy (Blue Mountain State)