• Suburgatory

    Homecoming S2: E1 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa returns from her summer in the city with a new hobby, but can the suburbs compete with the Manhattan music scene?

  • Suburgatory

    The Witch of East Chatswin S2: E2 22 minTV-PG

    What’s spooky about feminist-inspired Halloween costumes? Dalia and her clique dressed up in them.

  • Suburgatory

    Ryan's Song S2: E3 22 minTV-PG

    Dallas brings her life coach on her first date with George, as one does.

  • Suburgatory

    Foam Finger S2: E4 22 minTV-PG

    "The Ks" ask Tessa for guidance after Dalia leaves the clique behind for a new BFF.

  • Suburgatory

    The Wishbone S2: E5 22 minTV-PG

    Dallas fires Chef Alan in order convince George to host the holiday. Good luck, Architect George.

  • Suburgatory

    Friendship Fish S2: E6 22 minTV-PG

    Dallas gives George a Chatswin makeover and, yes, it was the best day of her life.

  • Suburgatory

    Krampus S2: E7 22 minTV-PG

    All Tessa wants for Christmas is…to stay in Chatswin?

  • Suburgatory

    Black Thai S2: E8 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa and Dalia receive wildly different gifts after getting their PSAT scores which, naturally, leads to a family feud.

  • Suburgatory

    Junior Secretary's Day S2: E9 22 minTV-PG

    George struggles to manage Tessa’s wisdom teeth recovery when Fred Shay moves in.

  • Suburgatory

    Chinese Chicken S2: E10 22 minTV-PG

    If you thought Chatswin wasn’t cool before, just wait until you hear George’s new Dad Rock band.

  • Suburgatory

    Yakult Leader S2: E11 22 minTV-PG

    The Shays convince Tessa to set Lisa up, but Scott Strauss is probably, definitely, not what they had in mind.

  • Suburgatory

    Body Talk S2: E12 22 minTV-PG

    Ever had a house so big it spanned two school districts? Talk to Dalia, who just found out she’ll have to switch schools.

  • Suburgatory

    Blowtox and Burlap S2: E13 22 minTV-PG

    Ryan Shay skips a party to go to an art house movie with Tessa on Valentine’s Day. Yes, you read that correctly.

  • Suburgatory

    T-Ball and Sympathy S2: E14 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa is the talk of the town when she becomes Chatswin’s most sought-after relationship expert.

  • Suburgatory

    Leaving Chatswin S2: E15 22 minTV-PG

    George grapples with the death of an old friend.

  • Suburgatory

    How to Be a Baby S2: E16 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa quits her job to intern with Jill and learn the ropes of the writing business.

  • Suburgatory

    Eat, Pray, Eat S2: E17 21 minTV-PG

    Dallas finds comfort in carbs after a disappointing gift exchange with George.

  • Suburgatory

    Brown Trembler S2: E18 22 minTV-PG

    After his divorce, Noah and his son move in with the Altmans.

  • Suburgatory

    Decemberfold S2: E19 22 minTV-PG

    George, Noah and Fred compete to become Mr. December in the Dads of Chatswin calendar.

  • Suburgatory

    Go, Gamblers! S2: E20 22 minTV-PG

    Ryan Shay must pick a college, putting his relationship with Tessa to the test. And we all know how he is with tests.

  • Suburgatory

    Apocalypse Meow S2: E21 22 minTV-PG

    George and Dallas tell Tessa and Dalia they’re moving in together, but can the girls go from mortal enemies to sisters?

  • Suburgatory

    Stray Dogs S2: E22 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa refuses to move again, even if it means hiding out in the school bathroom until George agrees to her demands.

A city kid's biggest nightmare becomes her reality when her dad moves them from Manhattan to the suburbs.


Jane Levy (Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Castle Rock)
Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm, RV)
Jeremy Sisto (Law & Order, Clueless)
Carly Chaikin (Mr. Robot, The Last Song)
Allie Grant (Weeds, All Night)
Chris Parnell (Hot Rod, Saturday Night Live)
Rex Lee (Entourage, Young & Hungry)
Ana Gasteyer (Mean Girls, Saturday Night Live)


Emily Kapnek (Parks and Recreation, Splitting Up Together)
Patricia Breen (Big Love)