• Suburgatory

    No Me Gusta, Mami S3: E1 22 minTV-PG

    George and Tessa finally bond when they set out to save their dog from Sheila Shay.

  • Suburgatory

    Victor Ha S3: E2 22 minTV-PG

    After developing empty-nest syndrome, the Shays foster a young boy who they believe is a mini Ryan.

  • Suburgatory

    Open Door Policy S3: E3 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa tries to get George over his breakup, but when Ryan comes home, she realizes she’s not over her breakup yet, either.

  • Suburgatory

    The Birds and the Biederman S3: E4 22 minTV-PG

    Dallas sees George at the dog park and Tessa and Dalia must now negotiate their parent’s territory.

  • Suburgatory

    Blame It On The Rainstick S3: E5 22 minTV-PG

    Noah is released from a court-mandated anger management program and, to everyone’s surprise, it might have worked?

  • Suburgatory

    About a Boy-Yoi-Yoing S3: E6 22 minTV-PG

    George falls in love. With a juice bar.

  • Suburgatory

    I'm Just Not That Into Me S3: E7 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa meets the male version of herself and develops an instant crush.

  • Suburgatory

    Catch and Release S3: E8 22 minTV-PG

    Lisa proposes to Malik, and while you’d think marriage would free her from Sheila Shay, have you met Sheila Shay?

  • Suburgatory

    The Ballad of Piggy Duckworth S3: E9 22 minTV-PG

    George, Noah and Fred go on a group date, but the only person they attract turns out to be a stalker.

  • Suburgatory

    No, You Can't Sit With Us S3: E10 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa coaches a young, social outcast for the Miss Chatswin pageant.

  • Suburgatory

    Dalia Nicole Smith S3: E11 21 minTV-PG

    Can’t say going on a double date with Tessa was George’s brightest idea, but it was a whole new take on family bonding.

  • Suburgatory

    Les Lucioles S3: E12 22 minTV-PG

    It’s wedding day, but can Lisa and Malik’s love withstand a family boycott and a nagging Sheila Shay?

  • Suburgatory

    Stiiiiiiill Horny S3: E13 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa takes up knitting as a distraction from her true feelings about love. Will she accept it, or hide behind the yarn?

A city kid's biggest nightmare becomes her reality when her dad moves them from Manhattan to the suburbs.


Jane Levy (Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Castle Rock)
Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm, RV)
Jeremy Sisto (Law & Order, Clueless)
Carly Chaikin (Mr. Robot, The Last Song)
Allie Grant (Weeds, All Night)
Chris Parnell (Hot Rod, Saturday Night Live)
Rex Lee (Entourage, Young & Hungry)
Ana Gasteyer (Mean Girls, Saturday Night Live)


Emily Kapnek (Parks and Recreation, Splitting Up Together)
Patricia Breen (Big Love)