• Suburgatory

    Pilot S1: E1 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa's nightmare becomes a reality when her dad moves them from New York City to the suburbs.

  • Suburgatory

    The Barbecue S1: E2 22 minTV-PG

    George is forced to do the new neighbor barbecue thing. Will his grill pass the test?

  • Suburgatory

    The Chatterer S1: E3 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa joins the school newspaper and helps Malik turn it into a tabloid. Maybe now people will actually read it?

  • Suburgatory

    Don't Call Me Shirley S1: E4 22 minTV-PG

    9-1-1, this is an emergency. Sheila Shay’s doll collection is missing.

  • Suburgatory

    Halloween S1: E5 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa dresses as a suburban girl for Halloween but the real scary part comes when… she actually likes it.

  • Suburgatory

    Charity Case S1: E6 22 minTV-PG

    When Tessa tries to get Chatswin High to give back to communities in need, they think she might be the real charity case.

  • Suburgatory

    Sweet Sixteen S1: E7 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa just wants a simple sweet sixteen until Dallas bribes her with a massive party and a performance from her favorite band.

  • Suburgatory

    Thanksgiving S1: E8 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa finds out that George has been secretly visiting the city. Let’s see how that conversation goes over at Thanksgiving.

  • Suburgatory

    The Nutcracker S1: E9 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa tries to get George and his ex back together, but things get tricky when she catches him flirting with the art teacher.

  • Suburgatory

    Driving Miss Dalia S1: E10 22 minTV-PG

    In the ultimate act of suburban surrender, George joins the country club.

  • Suburgatory

    Out In The Burbs S1: E11 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa shows the new guy around school and becomes convinced she knows exactly which clique he belongs in.

  • Suburgatory

    The Casino Trip S1: E12 22 minTV-PG

    George takes a guys trip to Atlantic City that immediately goes off the rails.

  • Suburgatory

    Sex in the Suburbs S1: E13 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa discovers that the perks of dating Scott Strauss include making Dalia jealous and…that’s about it.

  • Suburgatory

    The Body S1: E14 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa fails gym class and runs for student body president to try to change the school’s obsession with sports. A for effort?

  • Suburgatory

    Fire With Fire S1: E15 22 minTV-PG

    Dalia and Tessa swap BFFs, which is almost as surprising as Dallas getting a younger boyfriend (guest star Wilmer Valderrama).

  • Suburgatory

    Poetic Injustice S1: E16 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa tries to impress the new poetry teacher (guest star Jackie Geary), but Ms. Evans prefers Dalia’s writing. How rude.

  • Suburgatory

    Independence Day S1: E17 22 minTV-PG

    George picks Tessa up late, so she decides to get a job to pay for her own car. Call it a responsible tantrum.

  • Suburgatory

    Down Time S1: E18 22 minTV-PG

    Lisa and Malik try to set up Tessa with anyone, literally anyone, other than Ryan Shay.

  • Suburgatory

    Entering Eden S1: E19 22 minTV-PG

    Sparks fly between George and Eden (guest star Alicia Silverstone) at the Chatswin Farmer’s Market. Oh, suburban lust.

  • Suburgatory

    Hear No Evil S1: E20 22 minTV-PG

    Just as George and Eden’s relationship gets serious, Sheila Shay meddles. But are we surprised?

  • Suburgatory

    The Great Compromise S1: E21 22 minTV-PG

    Tessa adjusts to having Eden in the house, but George has issues with Eden’s parenting.

  • Suburgatory

    The Motherload S1: E22 22 minTV-PG

    Just as Tessa was feeling at home, she’s ostracized from the town’s Mom’s Day. Is it time to go back to Manhattan yet?

A city kid's biggest nightmare becomes her reality when her dad moves them from Manhattan to the suburbs.


Jane Levy (Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Castle Rock)
Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm, RV)
Jeremy Sisto (Law & Order, Clueless)
Carly Chaikin (Mr. Robot, The Last Song)
Allie Grant (Weeds, All Night)
Chris Parnell (Hot Rod, Saturday Night Live)
Rex Lee (Entourage, Young & Hungry)
Ana Gasteyer (Mean Girls, Saturday Night Live)


Emily Kapnek (Parks and Recreation, Splitting Up Together)
Patricia Breen (Big Love)