• The Carrie Diaries

    Win Some, Lose Some S2: E1 42 minTV-14

    Carrie meets Samantha Jones, a night club manager who will change her life.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Express Yourself S2: E2 43 minTV-14

    Carrie and Walt have roommate problems. Samantha gives Mouse sex tips.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Strings Attached S2: E3 42 minTV-14

    Carrie’s plan to start the school year fresh is ruined when she ends up alone with Sebastian.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Borderline S2: E4 43 minTV-14

    Carrie takes on a tough subject for her first profile. Samantha’s nude modeling job goes awry.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Too Close for Comfort S2: E5 43 minTV-14

    Sebastian asks Carrie’s dad for legal advice. Carrie is furious after Weaver reads her diary.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    The Safety Dance S2: E6 43 minTV-14

    Carrie struggles with her first case of writer’s block. Maggie delivers some shocking news to Sebastian.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    I Heard a Rumor S2: E7 42 minTV-14

    Carrie reads a nasty rumor about her in a New York City gossip rag. Mouse steps way out of her comfort zone.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    The Second Time Around S2: E8 42 minTV-14

    Carrie has one last chance to land a piece in Interview. Walt comes out to his parents.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Under Pressure S2: E9 42 minTV-14

    When Tom has to work overnight, Dorrit throws a party that quickly spirals out of control.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Date Expectations S2: E10 42 minTV-14

    Sebastian’s new gig could ruin his Valentine’s Day date with Carrie. Maggie accidentally enlists in the Army.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Hungry Like the Wolf S2: E11 43 minTV-14

    Carrie and Bennet clash at work. Sebastian gets bad news about his father.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    This is the Time S2: E12 43 minTV-14

    Carrie, Mouse, Maggie, and Walt go to their senior prom together. Sebastian hides a secret from Carrie.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Run to You S2: E13 43 minTV-14

    Carrie’s entire world changes when her friends and family share some unexpected news.

In this Sex and the City prequel, a young Carrie Bradshaw tries to balance life at her suburban high school with chasing her dream of working at a magazine in Manhattan, all while asking her first questions about friendship, sex and a new kind of love.


AnnaSophia Robb (The Act, Bridge to Terabithia)
Austin Butler (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)
Ellen Wong (Glow)
Katie Findlay (How to Get Away with Murder, Nancy Drew)
Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who, New Amsterdam)
Matt Letscher (DC's Legends of Tomorrow)


Amy B. Harris (Sex and the City, Gossip Girl)
Josh Schwartz (Nancy Drew, Gossip Girl)
Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City)