• The Carrie Diaries

    Pilot S1: E1 43 minTV-14 L, V

    Carrie couldn’t help but wonder… can she survive her first day in NYC, go to the dance, and make curfew?

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Lie With Me S1: E2 42 minTV-14 L, V

    What's more important? Internships, cute boys or photoshoots?

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Read Before Use S1: E3 42 minTV-14 L, V

    Can bad boys really be changed? Because Sebastian’s super hot.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Fright Night S1: E4 42 minTV-14 L, V

    It's just a Halloween party. How much trouble can a girl possibly get into?

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Dangerous Territory S1: E5 43 minTV-14 L, V

    The best way to get over a guy? Date someone else.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Endgame S1: E6 43 minTV-14 L, V

    Just another Thanksgiving where you cook turkey for the first time and invite your boyfriend and his dad.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Caught S1: E7 43 minTV-14 L, V

    Why not make some life-changing decisions at 16?

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Hush, Hush S1: E8 42 minTV-14 L, V

    You know Carrie can sneak out and make it into that party in the city, but can she hide it all from her dad?

  • The Carrie Diaries

    The Great Unknown S1: E9 42 minTV-14 L, V

    Babysitting sucks. Babysitting your little sister and having her go missing? Ugh.

  • The Carrie Diaries

    The Long and Winding Road Not Taken S1: E10 43 minTV-14 L, V

    It's Carrie’s birthday and she do whatever she wants. Which is...?

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Identity Crisis S1: E11 42 minTV-14 L, V

    How hard could it be to track down Andy Warhol in NYC?

  • The Carrie Diaries

    A First Time for Everything S1: E12 43 minTV-14 L, V

    Carrie couldn’t help but wonder… if Madonna can’t solve her relationship problems, who can?

  • The Carrie Diaries

    Kiss Yesterday Goodbye S1: E13 43 minTV-14 L, V

    It's the 80s. You're a teenager. Your prom can change everything.

In this Sex and the City prequel, Carrie tries to balance life in the suburbs with chasing her dreams in Manhattan.


AnnaSophia Robb (The Act, Bridge to Terabithia)
Austin Butler (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)
Ellen Wong (Glow)
Katie Findlay (How to Get Away with Murder, Nancy Drew)
Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who, New Amsterdam)
Matt Letscher (DC's Legends of Tomorrow)


Amy B. Harris (Sex and the City, Gossip Girl)
Josh Schwartz (Nancy Drew, Gossip Girl)
Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City)