• The Game

    Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Redux S2: E1 21 minTV-14

    Derwin tries to repair his relationship with Melanie, but (surprise!) she isn’t responsive.

  • The Game

    The Trey Wiggs Taps Back Episode S2: E2 21 minTV-14

    Jason butts heads with a new coach (Lee Majors) after a bad practice. We can think of six million reasons not to do that.

  • The Game

    Tasha, Renee, and Malik the Cliche S2: E3 21 minTV-14

    Malik needs to change living arrangements. That’s all we’re saying.

  • The Game

    Hit Me with Your Best Shot S2: E4 21 minTV-14

    Kelly finds Jason’s steroid syringe, and assumes her addict brother is taking drugs again.

  • The Game

    Fool Me Twice… I'm the Damn Fool S2: E5 21 minTV-14

    Derwin enlists Musiq Soulchild to win back Melanie. Unfortunately for him, Melanie is out to seduce Malik.

  • The Game

    Parental Guidance Suggested S2: E6 21 minTV-14

    Jason learns steroids are great for the field, but really bad for the bedroom.

  • The Game

    Media Blitz S2: E7 21 minTV-14

    Kelly threatens to leave Jason, and that’s bad, but Lil' Kim guest stars!

  • The Game

    The Truth Hurts S2: E8 21 minTV-14

    Malik fires Tasha as his manager, but she’s got big plans of her own.

  • The Game

    Turkey Basting Bitches S2: E9 21 minTV-14

    Melanie learns a secret about Derwin's sneaky girlfriend and tries to warn him, but you know guys…

  • The Game

    The Ghost of Derwin Past S2: E10 21 minTV-14

    Melanie agrees to spend the holidays with a lonely Dionne until Derwin blows everything up.

  • The Game

    Je-Rome Wasn't Built in a Day S2: E11 21 minTV-14

    Tasha's efforts to land an endorsement deal for Malik backfires spectacularly.

  • The Game

    Take These Vows and Shove 'Em! S2: E12 21 minTV-14

    Kelly threatens to leave Jason when he refuses to stop taking steroids.

  • The Game

    The List Episode S2: E13 22 minTV-14

    Malik dates a mean tennis pro (Serena Williams!) while Tasha tries to sign her.

  • The Game

    White Men Can't Jump, But They're Definitely Packing S2: E14 21 minTV-14

    Want to see a good prank? Derwin's teammates trick him into getting a tattoo.

  • The Game

    The Commitments S2: E15 21 minTV-14

    Melanie finds out that Janay has moved in with Derwin. Jason is benched for poor performance.

  • The Game

    Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee S2: E16 21 minTV-14

    An injured Derwin might miss the Super Bowl, but at least he has a shot at reconnecting with Melanie.

  • The Game

    Before the Parade Passes By S2: E17 21 minTV-14

    Melanie persuades Derwin to attend the victory parade, but running into Janay puts his feelings for Melanie to the test.

  • The Game

    The Lord Givens and the Lord Taketh Away S2: E18 21 minTV-14

    Malik tries to date Robin Givens and realizes his moves and methods are faulty.

  • The Game

    I Got 99 Problems and My Chick Is One S2: E19 21 minTV-14

    Jerome questions Melanie’s commitment. Tasha gets passed over for a promotion.

  • The Game

    Baby Come Back S2: E20 21 minTV-14

    Kelly realizes that her marriage to Jason is over. As Derwin battles Jerome for Melanie, Janay comes in and changes everything.

This hit spin-off of the long-running "Girlfriends" (also on CW Seed) keeps the vibe alive as it focuses on the powerful women in various relationships with professional football players. Guest appearances by Magic Johnson, Serena Williams, Jerry Rice, Lil' Kim, Mo'Nique, Ciara, and many more.


Hosea Chanchez (Black Lightning, For Your Love)
Wendy Raquel Robinson (The Steve Harvey Show)
Tia Mowry-Hardrict (Sister, Sister)
Coby Bell (Burn Notice)


Kenny Smith Jr. (Black-ish)
Mara Brock Akil (Black Lightning)