• The Game

    The Blueprint: Part 1 S6: E1 22 minTV-14

    Derwin's life is in disarray after he's traded. Bryce "Blue" Westbrook is drafted to the Sabers.

  • The Game

    The Blueprint: Part 2 S6: E2 22 minTV-14

    Blue celebrates the draft by going to Malik's party and getting frisky with his childhood crush, Keira.

  • The Game

    We've Got to Stop Meeting like This S6: E3 22 minTV-14

    Tasha tries to be loyal to Pookie but is attracted to Rick. Understandable.

  • The Game

    Getting to Know All a Butt You S6: E4 22 minTV-14

    Malik searches for an investor for his new business venture. Jason and Chardonnay already question their relationship.

  • The Game

    Trashbox S6: E5 22 minTV-14

    Keira bids wildly at a charity auction while on a date with Blue and is forced to come clean about her real income.

  • The Game

    Guess Who's Bizzack? S6: E6 22 minTV-14

    Blue struggles at training camp, but gets some help from Jason Pitts.

  • The Game

    Welcome to the Jungle S6: E7 22 minTV-14

    Keira and Chardonnay want to be in the Sunbeams' circle. At the same time, a prank war goes too far.

  • The Game

    How to Lose All Your Phat in One Day S6: E8 22 minTV-14

    Malik meets an heiress and Tasha's love life gets complicated. Like even more than before. Somehow.

  • The Game

    Blank Canvases S6: E9 22 minTV-14

    Keira prepares for an audition with Blue's help, leading to an intimate moment. That’s one way to put it.

  • The Game

    The Preseason Game Episode S6: E10 21 minTV-14

    Suspicions about cheating lead to a battle royale. We had you at cheating, right?

  • The Game

    The Busted Episode S6: E11 22 minTV-14

    Tasha's affair with Rick endangers her relationship with Pookie. Whose side are you on?

  • The Game

    I'm Not Kelly Pitts S6: E12 22 minTV-14

    Chardonnay hides her friendship with Tasha from Jason. No doubt it will all work out.

  • The Game

    I Love Luke… Ahh! S6: E13 22 minTV-14

    Blue tries to sabotage Keira's new relationship. Chardonnay deals with Jason's football injury.

  • The Game

    Photo-Shoot Fresh S6: E14 22 minTV-14

    Malik's friends agree to a photoshoot, but an accusation derails everything. Blue wants to beat Keira in the dating game.

  • The Game

    Psh!! I'm Good!! S6: E15 22 minTV-14

    Chardonnay worries about Jason as he works to heal before an important game.

  • The Game

    A Swan Song for Rick and Tasha S6: E16 21 minTV-14

    Blue gets freaked out when the other Sabers dub Keira a bad luck charm. Tasha breaks up with Rick as his career flounders.

  • The Game

    Miss Me a Little When I'm Gone S6: E17 22 minTV-14

    Blue and Keira get real about their relationship, while Tasha and Chardonnay…drink.

  • The Game

    In Treatment S6: E18 22 minTV-14

    Tasha spends a day in therapy to deal with her relationship issues. Maybe she should cancel her plans for tomorrow, too?

  • The Game

    Extra Butter… Extra Salt… S6: E19 22 minTV-14

    Tasha apologizes to everyone. Taking a different tact, Malik gets in a potentially fatal confrontation.

  • The Game

    The Hospital Episode S6: E20 22 minTV-14

    Malik is hospitalized. Blue and Keira’s relationship is tested after the truth comes out.

This hit spin-off of the long-running "Girlfriends" (also on CW Seed) keeps the vibe alive as it focuses on the powerful women in various relationships with professional football players. Guest appearances by Magic Johnson, Serena Williams, Jerry Rice, Lil' Kim, Mo'Nique, Ciara, and many more.


Hosea Chanchez (Black Lightning, For Your Love)
Wendy Raquel Robinson (The Steve Harvey Show)
Tia Mowry-Hardrict (Sister, Sister)
Coby Bell (Burn Notice)


Kenny Smith Jr. (Black-ish)
Mara Brock Akil (Black Lightning)