• The Game

    Skeletons S5: E1 22 minTV-14

    Derwin accuses Melanie of having an abortion. Wow.

  • The Game

    The Truth Pact S5: E2 22 minTV-14

    Tasha corners Malik about his relationship with Jenna as a wild night comes back to haunt Jason.

  • The Game

    No Money, Mo Problems S5: E3 22 minTV-14

    When Derwin re-hires Irv, Tasha sues them both. Malik evaluates his extravagant lifestyle.

  • The Game

    The Black People Episode S5: E4 22 minTV-14

    Chardonnay's friends open Jason's eyes to racism.

  • The Game

    Grand Opening, Grand Closing S5: E5 22 minTV-14

    Derwin is shocked (SHOCKED) to find out Melanie is living the VIP life at church.

  • The Game

    Drink, Pray, Love. S5: E6 22 minTV-14

    Malik has a hard time letting go when he's forced to sell his mansion. Yeah, we get it.

  • The Game

    The Tricks Episodes S5: E7 22 minTV-14

    When a video of Malik and Derwin doing football tricks goes viral, the guys hope it will get Malik back onto the field.

  • The Game

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker… Mind Your Business! S5: E8 22 minTV-14

    Tasha falls for an escort. Repeat: Tasha falls for an escort.

  • The Game

    Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prostitute Closer S5: E9 22 minTV-14

    Derwin gets surprisingly jealous when he finds out about Janay's engagement.

  • The Game

    Catfight on the Catwalk S5: E10 22 minTV-14

    Melanie gets locked in the bathroom with Tasha. Malik has trouble having sex with three models. It’s tough out there.

  • The Game

    A Punch in the Gut… Full of Human S5: E11 22 minTV-14

    Derwin and Melanie receive troubling fertility news. Send tissues.

  • The Game

    Higher Ground S5: E12 22 minTV-14

    Melanie and Derwin ask Tasha to be a surrogate for their baby. Didn’t see that one coming.

  • The Game

    There’s No Place Like Home S5: E13 22 minTV-14

    Melanie and Derwin have an unexpected houseguest. No, this is not a horror episode.

  • The Game

    Derwin’s About to Go H.A.M. S5: E14 22 minTV-14

    Derwin has an altercation with Kwan. Malik finally makes it off the Sabers bench!

  • The Game

    Party in a Box S5: E15 22 minTV-14

    When Chardonnay invites Jason's friends over, she gets some dirt on her co-anchor.

  • The Game

    Fits and Starts S5: E16 22 minTV-14

    Tasha and Pookie explore their friendship. Yes, we’re trying to be vague.

  • The Game

    A Woman’s Right to Choose Herself S5: E17 22 minTV-14

    Tasha struggles as Melanie's surrogate. Melanie struggles as Derwin’s wife.

  • The Game

    Breakthrough. Breakdown? Break-Through. S5: E18 22 minTV-14

    Ghosts from Malik's wild past come back to haunt him with a vengeance. Be careful out there, kids.

  • The Game

    Let Them Eat (Cup)cake! S5: E19 22 minTV-14

    Melanie finally has her important interview. Tasha joins the cupcake club to renew her celibacy.

  • The Game

    Gold Swine Sucks… And So Does Falling in Love S5: E20 22 minTV-14

    Tasha finds a disturbing text message. Push comes to shove when Derwin body slams his agent, Irv.

  • The Game

    Move Trick, Get Out The Way S5: E21 21 minTV-14

    Jason makes a big decision about Chardonnay. Everybody else fights.

  • The Game

    The Championship Game Episode S5: E22 22 minTV-14

    Derwin debates joining Melanie in D.C. Jason and Chardonnay decide their future.

This hit spin-off of the long-running "Girlfriends" (also on CW Seed) keeps the vibe alive as it focuses on the powerful women in various relationships with professional football players. Guest appearances by Magic Johnson, Serena Williams, Jerry Rice, Lil' Kim, Mo'Nique, Ciara, and many more.


Hosea Chanchez (Black Lightning, For Your Love)
Wendy Raquel Robinson (The Steve Harvey Show)
Tia Mowry-Hardrict (Sister, Sister)
Coby Bell (Burn Notice)


Kenny Smith Jr. (Black-ish)
Mara Brock Akil (Black Lightning)