• The Game

    Baby On Board S3: E1 21 minTV-14

    Melanie can’t believe Derwin might be a father. Malik marries Robin. We love weddings.

  • The Game

    Mel-Odrama S3: E2 21 minTV-14

    Melanie suspects Janay isn't really pregnant. Malik confesses to his mother about Robin.

  • The Game

    Just When I Thought I Was Out, She Pulls Me Back In S3: E3 21 minTV-14

    Tasha keeps her relationship with Rick secret. Derwin's fatherhood stress takes a toll on his relationship with Melanie.

  • The Game

    Just the Three of Us S3: E4 21 minTV-14

    Jason doesn’t want to talk about his separation to anyone. Especially Brittany.

  • The Game

    A Delectable Basket Of Treats S3: E5 21 minTV-14

    Rick introduces Tasha to his mom, the mother of overprotective mothers (Penny Marshall).

  • The Game

    The Platski Thickens S3: E6 21 minTV-14

    That feeling when you’re Jason waking up after a wild party with lots to regret.

  • The Game

    White Coats and White Lies S3: E7 21 minTV-14

    Malik and Tasha are shocked to learn their significant others used to date each other.

  • The Game

    The Side-Part, Under Episode S3: E8 21 minTV-14

    Melanie is attracted to a doctor at work, but receives sage advice about Derwin from a patient she treats.

  • The Game

    Oh, What a Night S3: E9 21 minTV-14

    Tasha plays the field while Jason tries to repair relations with his daughter. Both seem really tough.

  • The Game

    The Negotiation Episode S3: E10 21 minTV-14

    Malik grows tired of his fake marriage when Robin tells him to stop seeing other women, which is…fair?

  • The Game

    Insert Car Here S3: E11 21 minTV-14

    Tasha feels insecure with Rick, which we feel is completely understandable.

  • The Game

    Stay Fierce, Malik S3: E12 21 minTV-14

    Robin implies on TV that Malik is gay. Malik then finds out that his teammate is closeted.

  • The Game

    Do the Wright Thing S3: E13 21 minTV-14

    Malik loses a spot on a children's TV show after some shady behavior.

  • The Game

    Punk Ass Chauncey S3: E14 21 minTV-14

    Derwin and Janay rethink their relationship and you can guess how Melanie feels.

  • The Game

    Take a Bow S3: E15 21 minTV-14

    Tasha tries to prevent Rick from losing his job. Malik wants to know everything about Chauncey.

  • The Game

    Truth and Consequences S3: E16 21 minTV-14

    Angry at Kelly, Tasha introduces Jason to a gorgeous woman. Rick tells a disappointed Tasha he's moving to Miami.

  • The Game

    Hill Street Blues S3: E17 21 minTV-14

    Melanie seeks comfort with a cable guy and gets closure with Derwin.

  • The Game

    The Third Legacy S3: E18 21 minTV-14

    Malik meets his half-sister and worries that they might have had sex before knowing they’re related. #FootballStarProblems

  • The Game

    Put a Ring on It S3: E19 21 minTV-14

    Derwin proposes to Melanie (oh nice!) while Jason and Kelly try to make each other jealous (oh no!).

  • The Game

    The Fall of the Roman S3: E20 21 minTV-14

    Melanie’s mother refuses to bless the marriage between her daughter and Derwin.

  • The Game

    I Want It All and I Want It Now S3: E21 21 minTV-14

    Melanie races to marry Derwin before his baby arrives and Kelly rushes to Jason's side after he is arrested for assault.

  • The Game

    The Wedding Episode S3: E22 21 minTV-14

    It’s Melanie and Derwin’s big day! Unfortunately, Derwin’s baby might be crashing the wedding.

A front-row seat to all drama between pro football stars and their wives and girlfriends.


Hosea Chanchez (Black Lightning, For Your Love)
Wendy Raquel Robinson (The Steve Harvey Show)
Tia Mowry-Hardrict (Sister, Sister)
Coby Bell (Burn Notice)


Kenny Smith Jr. (Black-ish)
Mara Brock Akil (Black Lightning)