Time After Time

  • Time After Time

    Pilot S1: E1 44 minTV-14 L, V

    H.G. Wells uses his time machine to chase serial killer Jack the Ripper from 1893 to modern-day New York City.

  • Time After Time

    I Will Catch You S1: E2 43 minTV-14 L, V

    Wells’ hunt for Stevenson gets complicated when he meets his great-granddaughter and she has a letter from the future.

  • Time After Time

    Out of Time S1: E3 43 minTV-14 L, V

    H.G. and Jane rush to repair the damaged time machine before Stevenson strikes again.

  • Time After Time

    Secrets Stolen S1: E4 43 minTV-14 L, V

    H.G. and Jane travel back to the 1980s and make a shocking discovery. Stevenson meets his match in a beautiful doctor.

  • Time After Time

    Picture Fades S1: E5 43 minTV-14 L, V

    After learning John has traveled to 1918 Paris, France, H.G. is determined to stop him before he can alter the fabric of time.

  • Time After Time

    Caught Up in Circles S1: E6 42 minTV-14 L, V

    Vanessa and Jane decide to investigate "Project Utopia," and end up uncovering a massive conspiracy.

  • Time After Time

    Suitcases of Memories S1: E7 42 minTV-14 L, V

    While H.G., John and Jane search for Vanessa, Brooke moves forward with her plan to avenge her father's legacy.

  • Time After Time

    If You're Lost S1: E8 44 minTV-14 L, V

    H.G. and Jane must fight for their lives while stranded on the Island of Dr. Monroe.

  • Time After Time

    You Will Find Me S1: E9 42 minTV-14 L, V

    H.G. becomes an unwilling participant of Dr. Monroe's experiments and feels himself changing into something other.

  • Time After Time

    Turned to Gray S1: E10 43 minTV-14 L, V

    Wells is shocked to see a familiar face when he and Jane return to present day New York City

  • Time After Time

    I Fall Behind S1: E11 44 minTV-14 L, V

    Griffin joins forces with Vanessa to stop her from furthering their father's research, while Brooke forms her own unlikely alliance.

  • Time After Time

    The Second Hand Unwinds S1: E12 42 minTV-14 L, V

    Stevenson moves forward in a plan for the ultimate revenge by destroying H.G. and those he cares about forever.

Creator Kevin Williamson blew your mind with the "Scream" movies and "The Vampire Diaries." Now he's bringing his trademark blend of humor and thrills to the groundbreaking tales of H.G. Wells. In relentless pursuit of Jack the Ripper, the young Wells encounters worlds he never imagined and becomes drawn to a beautiful woman who may be one of the killer's next victims.


Will Chase (Nashville, Sharp Objects)
Nicole Ari Parker (Empire, Remember the Titans)
Freddie Stroma (UnREAL)
Josh Bowman (Revenge)
Genesis Rodriguez (Entourage)


Kevin Williamson (Dawson's Creek, The Following)