Very Mallory

  • Very Mallory

    Maury Povich S1: E1 4 min

    Mallory enlists Maury Povich to help her identify the artist of a painting and ends up becoming a guest on his talkshow.

  • Very Mallory

    Justin Hartley S1: E2 4 min

    Justin Hartley shows up at the gallery and with designs on purchasing Mallory's favorite painting.

  • Very Mallory

    Misha Collins S1: E3 4 min

    Supernatural's Misha Collins takes Mallory through his extensive TV resume and finds his true calling.

  • Very Mallory

    Quintus Junty S1: E4 4 min

    Mallory struggles with a new artist trying to sell an asinine painting until a surprise buyer shuttles in from Rome.

  • Very Mallory

    Kat Graham S1: E5 4 min

    Pop star Kat Graham angers Mallory and delights Fernando by giving an impromptu concert at a gallery opening.

  • Very Mallory

    Madison Kendrick S1: E8 3 min

    Obnoxious celebutante Madison Kendrick comes to Mallory in search of wearable art.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom voices an overeducated and bitterly underemployed gallery worker who encounters a variety of real-life celebrities as she strives to work the barest minimum at a Soho art gallery. Watch for cameos by Justin Hartley and Milo Ventimiglia from This Is Us, Supernatural star Misha Collins, and The Flash's Candice Patton.


Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
Jason Nash


Mark Feldstein
Brad Roth