• Worst Birthday Ever

    If There's a Sock on the Door S1: E1 3 minTV-14

    Max deals with the fallout of walking in on his parents having sex.

  • Worst Birthday Ever

    That's Dope S1: E2 3 minTV-14

    Max learns way too much about his dad after he's caught smoking cigarettes.

  • Worst Birthday Ever

    Who Pays For That Wedding? S1: E3 3 minTV-14

    Max's crush on his cousin is revealed in the worst way possible.

  • Worst Birthday Ever

    The Tortoise and the Nightmare S1: E4 3 minTV-14

    Max's mom explains where all of the family pets have gone.

  • Worst Birthday Ever

    Trial and Error S1: E5 4 minTV-14

    Max ends up in a bit of a pickle when he has an embarrassing visit to the doctor.

  • Worst Birthday Ever

    A Family Affair S1: E6 2 minTV-14

    Max has an uncomfortable session with his guidance counselor.

  • Worst Birthday Ever

    Thightanic S1: E7 3 minTV-14

    Max stumbles on to a home video his parents made, with cringe-tastic results.

  • Worst Birthday Ever

    Cutest Unicorn Ever S1: E8 2 minTV-14

    Max's mom gets an "A" in ruining his study date.

  • Worst Birthday Ever

    Everyone Gets Laid at Prom S1: E9 3 minTV-14

    Max has a prom date that seems way too good to be true...

  • Worst Birthday Ever

    Birthday Bash S1: E10 4 minTV-14

    It's Max's birthday again, and his parents are going all out to make it a "special" one.

A teenager played has his birthdays ruined by his cringe-inducing parents, who don’t have the slightest idea what boundaries are.


Jonah Green
Mary Carrig
Hamilton Mitchell


Greg Porper