XIII: The Series

  • XIII: The Series

    Phoenix S2: E1 49 minTV-14

    After Jones' betrayal, XIII joins an anti-globalization group, but things go awry when it attracts his former enemies.

  • XIII: The Series

    Rampage S2: E2 48 minTV-14

    XIII is captured after the bombing and his new tormentor seems to know a bit too much about him...

  • XIII: The Series

    Defender S2: E3 46 minTV-14

    On election eve, the government is cleaning house, and that means getting rid of XIII for good.

  • XIII: The Series

    Tempest S2: E4 47 minTV-14

    XIII goes to Ariella Island to learn about a mysterious letter.

  • XIII: The Series

    Joust S2: E5 46 minTV-14

    Amos tortures XIII to uncover the truth about the bombing.

  • XIII: The Series

    Gauntlet S2: E6 47 minTV-14

    XIII crashes a Russian Oligarch's party to obtain the final letter...but he's not the only one looking for it that night.

  • XIII: The Series

    Breakout S2: E7 47 minTV-14

    XIII enlists Betty and Mozambique to help free a man headed to Guantanamo who may have information about the letters.

  • XIII: The Series

    Mousetrap S2: E8 46 minTV-14

    XIII goes undercover on a ship headed to China to find the final letter.

  • XIII: The Series

    Pong S2: E9 48 minTV-14

    The Xu Corporation captures XIII believing him to be XIII.2...causing XIII to question his true identity.

  • XIII: The Series

    Black Widow S2: E10 46 minTV-14

    XIII undergoes a face-changing procedure to assume the identity of XIII.2.

  • XIII: The Series

    Punchout S2: E11 47 minTV-14

    XIII is forced into in a live-broadcasted death match in The Pit and devises an escape plan with the other prisoners.

  • XIII: The Series

    Berzerk S2: E12 44 minTV-14

    The Pit was nothing compared to riots in Shanghai that trap XIII, Betty and Amos.

  • XIII: The Series

    Battlezone S2: E13 45 minTV-14

    XIII is the only thing standing between the U.S. and complete annihilation...but can he stop the The Machine in time?

Following the events of XIII: The Conspiracy, Special Agent XIII escapes prison camp and is given a mission by former government operatives to infiltrate the White House. There's just one problem - he still has no memory of his past. And the closer he comes to uncovering his identity, the deadlier his mission becomes. Will XIII save the world, or will his insatiable desire to find himself cost him his life?


Stuart Townsend (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Chaos Theory)
Greg Bryk (XIII: The Conspiracy, Frontier)
Stephen McHattie (XIII: The Conspiracy, Watchmen)
Aisha Tyler (Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Archer)


Jay Firestone (XIII: The Conspiracy, Lost Girl)