• XIII: The Series

    Pilot S1: E1 46 minTV-14

    An amnesiac secret agent escapes prison and gets recruited for a dangerous mission by former government operatives.

  • XIII: The Series

    Green Falls S1: E2 45 minTV-14

    The mystery behind the chip in XIII's watch is revealed, along with a long-buried government conspiracy.

  • XIII: The Series

    Lockdown S1: E3 46 minTV-14

    After XIII tries to contact his former trainer, he gets locked up in a Venezuelan prison.

  • XIII: The Series

    The Irish Job S1: E4 46 minTV-14

    XIII follows up on a lead he got in prison and travels to Ireland to uncover a major arms deal.

  • XIII: The Series

    Bitterroot S1: E5 46 minTV-14

    Jones' loyalties are questioned while XIII tries to remember his training in time to infiltrate a terrorist camp.

  • XIII: The Series

    Costa Verde S1: E6 46 minTV-14

    XIII meets an opposition leader who knows about his former life.

  • XIII: The Series

    Undertow S1: E7 45 minTV-14

    XIII and Jones go to meet another agent from the Costa Verde mission...but their move attracts the wrong crowd.

  • XIII: The Series

    Hunting Party S1: E8 46 minTV-14

    XIII trades his watch for information and learns that bargaining with the enemy is never a good idea.

  • XIII: The Series

    The Bank Job S1: E9 45 minTV-14

    Two words: Russian. Traitors.

  • XIII: The Series

    The Train S1: E10 45 minTV-14

    XIII embarks on a potentially deadly confrontation with Giordino while searching for a boy whose parents were murdered.

  • XIII: The Series

    The Bunker S1: E11 45 minTV-14

    XIII and Jones search a former military facility for information about the final watch.

  • XIII: The Series

    The Key S1: E12 45 minTV-14

    XIII has all three watches assembled, but the mission isn't over. Can he crack the code in time?

  • XIII: The Series

    Revelation S1: E13 46 minTV-14

    If XIII doesn't retrieve the weapon quickly, it could be time's up for the entire world.

After XIII: The Conspiracy, XIII escapes prison and is given a mission to infiltrate the White House.


Stuart Townsend (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Chaos Theory)
Greg Bryk (XIII: The Conspiracy, Frontier)
Stephen McHattie (XIII: The Conspiracy, Watchmen)
Aisha Tyler (Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Archer)


Jay Firestone (XIII: The Conspiracy, Lost Girl)